Who is a QA Engineer

QA Engineer: The Secret Weapon of Dev Teams

Historically speaking, there used to be two distinct jobs titles: Software Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance. The former meant testing software in order to detect the already existing errors, while the latter referred mainly to preventing the errors by means of testing and improving the very process of software creation.

XSolve recognised among Top Web Developers in Poland 2017

Washington-based B2B research company Clutch has listed XSolve among fifteen Polish market leaders in web development for the third time.

kuromoji plugin

Problem of the Japanese language in Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search engine supporting full-text search for large amounts of data. It’s based on the open-source Lucene library. So much for theory. In most cases, you use the Latin alphabet in your search entries. And what if you need to carry out a full-text search for Arabic or Japanese scripts, or other languages which don’t use the Roman characters?

How did switching to PHP 7.0 boost development by 50%?

Developing an old application using outdated technology (e.g. PHP 5.0) can be quite problematic. Introducing new people to a project of this kind is really taxing and time-consuming, especially if they are not very experienced. It might seem that the whole process must be complicated and laborious, and yet – it doesn’t have to be like this.

Differences between the .class and .dex

Differences between .class and .dex files in Java & Android

Several months ago, my adventure with creating mobile apps for Android began. In the previous article, I described my first observations concerning the differences I could see between the creation of back-end and Java mobile applications. Today, I’d like to tell you about the difference between .class files in Java and .dex files in Android. I’ll also show you how to create a .dex file containing a Java class step by step.

When a Java developer switches to Android

After over six years of work experience as a Java Software Developer, I decided to try my hand as an Android Developer. I read that Java could be a very good basis for starting to learn programming for the Android platform. Personally, I worked in technologies such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate, etc., and I began my work in Java version J2SE 5.0. That is why I thought it would be a good idea.

How to test non-testable code

How to test an application built on non-testable code?

If you’ve been into technology for some time, you certainly know that it’s possible to write code which is not testable. Most of our work is done with already existing code. Legacy code often does not use IoC and is not based on interfaces, and sometimes it has nothing to do with OOP. The question is: is it possible to automatically test code like this (assuming that rewriting the application is not an option)?

White elephant sizing game

White elephant sizing game with Hanoi Tower algorithm

Estimation is one of the first stages of a project realization process. Clients want to know how much their projects are going to cost, and Product Owners want to know how much time they need to carry out a given project. Usually, the difficulty level of doing an estimation by a team of developers is directly proportional to the size or complexity of the project. However, such process should be a part of every business project.

Converter pattern in Java 8

Our Java team has recently prepared a hands-on workshop on functional programming in Java 8. The participants solved our coding tasks, trying out the Java 8’s features in separation, and now it’s time we show off how we employ the full power of Java 8 in our real-life projects.

TravisCI, Continuous Delivery

Fridays with XSolve – TravisCI & Continuous Delivery

I love stories! I sit in the rocking chair, smoke my pipe with a delighted smile and I listen to the stories that inspire to take up new challenges. At XSolve, sharing the knowledge is the party of our DNA, is the way we work. Therefore, every Friday, we organize open meetups called…

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