3 Tips For a Software Developer To Impress a Recruiter

3 Tips For a Software Developer To Impress a Recruiter

If you’re a software developer, you probably know you’re the king of today’s job market. While an average length of a job search in Poland, based on Central Statistical Office of Poland, is approximately 12 months, you can find a decent job spot in less than a month, or sometimes even a week. Easy, isn’t it? 

XSolve inaugurated into the Top Poland-based Software and Web Developers

Our company is among the best Poland-based software developers, claims Clutch - Washington, DC-based research company that identifies top services firms that deliver results for their clients.

Why should CEOs participate in conferences like Scrum Days?

If you are the busiest CEO in the world, you might think such conferences don’t bring enough significant benefits to waste time on taking part in Scrum Days. However, if you can spare 3 minutes on reading this article, I’ll prove you: if you arrived at the conference, you wasted no time.

Scrum Days 2015 – Move forward and prepare for change

Scrum Days is an annual international conference, but not only a conference. This event gives a great opportunity to meet hi-skilled people, do business, have a session with certified coaches, take part in workshops as well as scribble on walls, talk and shout. Of course, we are going to be there. This year there are going to be almost thirty speakers, four of them are our fellows. Let's introduce them:

Motivation in Agile – the perspective of the Partner and the Employee

He has 82 million views, over 450,000 subscribers, and 2.5 years of YouTube experience. He wants to make the world a better place by creating motivational movies. Embodying Agile like a professional, he changes the way we think about ourselves.

Tailored software and web design – two companies in a Group

Synergy – the keyword for opening the Sesame. Universe is full of positive power and it's rarely linked to ungrounded positive thinking a la Paolo Coelho. We're talking about front-end and back-end under one roof. We're talking about quality.

Hola, Señora – SymfonyCon 2014 Madrid

SymfonyCon is the finest and the most important annual conference in the Symfony’s community. Last one was organized in Madrid and went there. A lot of time has passed since the SymfonyCon. The excitement has worn off and we can summarize what we learned there and what stayed in our minds after a few months.

Let’s Summit 2014

Web Summit, despite its barely fouryear-old history, is no longer just a conference, not only because of its scale and the number of participants. Web Summit has become something more. For us – the people from the world of software development - Web Summit is a place where  the paths of contemporary culture cross – the technology, business, morality, and media. Undoubtedly, this is the place to visit, as our ancestors visited annual fairs, where you could see the whole world like in a cross section. 

Why we blog

XSolve is a company operating in the world-wide market for over 10 years. During this time we have carried out a great number of projects and we have gathered a lot of experience. We have built our own philosophy of work and of how to realize projects and collaborate with Customers. All the parts of the puzzle are arranged in our philosophy – one of its essential components is transparency.

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