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First SensioLabs Partner in CEE

First SensioLabs Partner in CEE

Years of experience
Projects performed
Professional Scrum Certificates

Our approach

Agile Software Development

We believe in efficiency and we hate waste. That's why minimising risks of product development by releasing early and often is the key for us.
We have the guts to hear the criticism of users and stakeholders. Moreover, we need it! As early as possible, so we can maneuver into the good direction.

Long-term Partnership

Do you know that you should not outsource your software development if you care about your product?
And you are right. You should not do it, unless you get a team that would breathe your vision, love your product and would be able to focus solely on reaching goals to succeed.

Our Process

Our development processes are built around the three pillars of SCRUM method: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation.
We invest much in understanding your vision and expectations at first. However during development phase, we stay flexible for changes. We use iterative approach, where you get "increments" of your product within weeks. We take care of your investment avoiding "big design upfront" and "technical debts" traps.

More Productivity Guaranteed

A collocated self-organising team is 100% more productive than otherwise - states Boston Consulting Group.
Unlike our competition, members of our development teams have at least 2 years of working experience within their own Dev Team, which allows us to provide you with a team of developers that is more productive than a regular outsourcing team.
Unlike our competition, we guarantee this.

Software Craftsmanship

Our development teams value software engineering principles and follow the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto.
We are product value oriented. We know how to find best solutions and how to handle technical debt wisely. Peer to peer code review and automatic testing is in our lifeblood.
We speak frequently at software conferences and hold numerous software certificates.

Customer Service

One of the principle of our software development philosophy is transparency, so working with us you don't just get the visibility of where we are at the very particular moment, but you also are in a direct contact with the whole SCRUM Team. We believe that without that managers can often become a communication barrier. However, you work mostly with our Product Owner, who is your contact person.

clients about us

I would like to personally thank you all for your heroic effort!

Eyal Steinitz, Agnitio

Thank you for the excellent job you are doing specially in this last sprint of the project.

Ignacio Manrique de Lara, LeaseWeb

Big thank you to XSolve team for a willingness to take risky tasks in the final weeks of the project and consistency in their implementation.

Andrzej Grondziowski, Tauron

Projects are carried out professionally and expertly. Communication with the team is flawless.

Anja Uba, TVN

They are responsive and step up to handle

Malgosia Plucinska, Corel

Great specialists, they are exactly what we needed!

Rafal Kostowski, ING Bank Slaski




Our core technology stack:
- PHP/Symfony + HTML5/JavaScript/Angular
- Java/Scala + HTML5/JavaScript/Angular
- Cloud (Amazon Web Services)

We are always looking for true Software Craftsmen

Playa Party
Playa Party


Playa Party

We are hiring

Currently we are hiring
- PHP (Symfony2) developer
- Quality Assurance Engineer

we are hiring

We are always looking for true Software Craftsmen

Playa Party

Currently we are hiring
- PHP (Symfony2) developer
- Quality Assurance Engineer

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